Why Volvo Has Lost Their Way: an unsolicited opinion piece

Look at that. It’s brash. It’s aggressive. It’s an affront to what makes Volvo, well, Volvo. Lately Volvo has been making some of the best cars they have ever made, but there’s something missing. Or rather, something present that wasn’t there before. Panache. That’s not the Volvo that we all grew up with.
»8/30/15 1:57pm8/30/15 1:57pm

In case you were wondering how steering wheel locks work.

There’s a slotted disk attached to the wheel. When it is turned too far, a spring loaded pin pops into a slot and locks the wheel. The whole pin mechanism then retracts when the key is turned. This video brought to you by the fact that the center of our Jeep’s steering wheel just pops right off. »8/21/15 10:27am8/21/15 10:27am