Anyone else have massive issues with Kinja on mobile?

Even when other sites load just fine, Kinja ones load horrifically slow for me, and even after the page loads it might be a good five minutes before my avatar/notification icons appear on the top bar. If I try to comment before they appear the login window pops up, even though I'm already logged in. Comments usually… » 10/22/14 2:29pm 10/22/14 2:29pm

What's the deal with girls and big SUVs?

Seriously. Ask any stereotypical white girl what her dream car is, and she'll say something along the lines of an Escalade, or a Land Rover, or the like. Some of the more car savvy ones might even say G-Wagen or GC SRT8. And the color they want is always black too. Go try it out and see for yourself. Find the nearest… » 10/14/14 10:51pm 10/14/14 10:51pm